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Manufacturing Intelligence Platform

Your very own AI apprentice.

Streamlining precision manufacturing processes from pricing through parts.

Selecting quotes on the platform

“The mfg.parts platform allows me to streamline communication with my existing supply base. Because there’s no need to set up and audit new manufacturing sites or vendors, we save project time while maintaining known part quality.”

Product Validation Manager
Astronautics & Defense Design Firm

“My customers appreciate the experience of requesting quotes from us through the mfg.parts platform. They get an email notification once we share the quote and can securely log in to see the details. It’s really slick.”

Owner / CEO
Precision CNC Manufacturer

Used by companies who design and build the world's finest precision components.

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Does mfg.parts manufacture custom components?
No. We build software tools to streamline how customers connect and communicate with manufacturers. The actual production of the parts is dictated by those manufacturers and customers using our tools.
So, is mfg.parts a marketplace?
No, we are a software platform that facilitates the manufacturing of components. We think marketplaces are counter-productive to innovation; their business models revolve around component cost, not quality.
Does mfg.parts take a percentage or charge a service fee on all of my transactions?
No, because we are not a marketplace, we do not skim a percentage off the top of your business’ transactions. You can continue transacting the same way you always have.